Out of scale and wrong for the Mission Hill Neighborhood of Boston.

Action steps

Please please take the time to write to the our elected officials and members of the BRA.  While we have strong support from our City Councilors as well as our State Senator and State Representative, those elected officials need your letters of opposition to drive home the point to the BRA and the Mayor that this project is wrong for Mission Hill:

Mayor Martin Walsh:  mayor@boston.gov

BRA Director Brian Goldenbrian.golden@boston.gov

​BRA project Manager, Gary Uter:  gary.uter@boston.go

The Mayor’s Office, Mission Hill Liaison- Shaina Aubourg: shaina.aubourg@boston.gov

Councilor Josh Zakim:  josh.zakim@boston.gov

At-Large Councilor Ayanna Pressley:  ayanna.pressley@boston.gov

At-Large Councilor Michael Flaherty: michael.flaherty@boston.gov

At-Large Councilor Michelle Wu: michelle.wu@boston.gov

At-Large Councilor Stephen Murphy:  ​​Stephen.Murphy@boston.gov

State Representative Jeffrey Sanchez:  jeffrey.sanchez@mahouse.gov

State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz:  sonia.chang-diaz@masenate.gov

Here is some sample language for you can cut and paste into your email.  You can make your own edits if you wish.

Dear ___________________

I am writing to express my objection to Equity Residential's proposal for 45 Worthington Street:  a 35 story, 395 unit luxury tower.  The building violates zoning for height and density for the neighbor neighborhood.  It out character for Mission Hill and will negatively impact the residents of the neighborhood.

We ask that you please support Mission Hill and ask the BRA to reject Equity Residential's proposal.  

Thank you,

[Your Name}

[Your address]

​If you haven’t already done so, please sign the on line petition at


If you would like to be get involved, learn about upcoming meetings, or if you would like to join our mailing list
please write us:  notower@missionhilltriangle.org   

Announcements from the BRA about community meetings in Mission Hill, please go to http://www.bostonredevelopmentauthority.org/news-calendar/news-updates